Originally born of the Biker-Scene we are now an association of Motorbike- Trike- and Quad riders, Bike related Clubs and Firms or just people who are fascinated with the Biker-Scene. We are from all parts of Germany and the neighbouring states and the full spectrum of society, irrespective of Age, race or religion.

We are united in the desire to do something about the almost every day Abuse of children and adolescents! To make the public aware of the extent of the matter and to demolish the "Wall of Silence" that society has erected around this disturbing subject!

Abuse must not be hushed up and talking about it taboo!

Certainly it may not be in our power to prevent acts of Child abuse and we do not call for or approve of vigilante justice. Our sole cause is to help the victim in any way we can, directly or indirectly.

However you do not have to belong to one of the above mentioned groups to support us in our work. We are grateful for any kind of assistance, be it by a donation or by taking an actice part!Together we can make a difference!

The "Don't Touch" campaign was founded in March 2004 for precisely this reason.

In 2005 this evolved into the charitable organisation BACAA e.V.

Why „Don't Touch“?

This is to make the clear statement that these violent criminals should keep their Hands of those that are not capable of defending themselves in any way!

What does the Fist in the BACAA-Logo mean?

The Fist symbolises breaking through the "Wall of Silence" that you constantly encounter as soon as the subject of Abuse is raised. Maybe the Subject is unpleasant for most people or they simply are not interested

We however want to tear down that Wall!

What is it all about?

Quite simple - We want to show that we do not turn a blind eye!

The News is full of reports about Child abuse on a daily basis. Violence against Children has become a "normal" occurrence! The general reaction is to shocked and maybe somewhat upset but it's quickly back to business as usual if one is not affected personally. The Punishment of perpetrators, if they are even caught, is joke considering what they have done to their victims.

What are a couple of years in Jail compared to a destroyed young life?

Therapy and counselling for victims is expensive and often not granted - in the end this often leads to suicide.

We want to make children stronger by preventional measures, promote Projects with hardly- or no government funding by means of selective donations and do as much possible to raise awareness.

We want to support the victims, stand by them, show them ways forward and help them on the path they choose. Most of all make clear to them- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

The Idea

Tasks and Goals:


We promote an incessant presence of the topics child pornography and child abuse via info stalls and distributed informative material.


We financially support selected projects on prevention and follow-up care for children and teenagers and respectively victims of abuse - namely projects of this kind which receive hardly any or even no support at all by the state.


We activate sustaining members, whose contributions facilitate the actual BACAA work via info stalls etc. as our very own preventive action. Additionally the collection of donations and the proceeds from sales of merchandising products which bear the BACAA logo will be used to finance the projects mentioned in section 2.


We support activities, campaigns and demonstrations against abuse, if they correspond with the aims of our association. However, we utterly reject any activities which violate the law or which pursue extreme or radical political aims.

5. CONTACT-POINT BACAA (a registered non-profit organization)

This is the contact point to support any victim as well as any affected person in their further course of action.


We will point out counselling helplines and contact them, if necessary. Our emergency team has a nation-wide network of institutions which supply first assistance and help. Anyone who fills in an “emergency ticket” will do so in an especially safe and secure area.
BACAA does not have its own professional counselling, but we can show you the way to an institution that fits your own special needs.


Anyone, who asks us for help, can be sure that no information will get out to others. Anything that is discussed within the family, stays within the family.
We are your family! If you need us, we will be there for you. You don’t have to do anything to ensure that! –


If you want us to, we will accompany you, for example to court appointments. Just ask us. If any of our members is able to accompany you, he or she will definitely do so.


We are here to protect you!
A member of the BCAA will never participate in any action which might endanger the course of your legal proceedings. We will never give any statements concerning you to any media.


We can’t do anything to improve our legal system, but we will accompany you through all legal proceedings.


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